Ecofriendly affordable homes are in vogue now. And they have many takers. However, before you start thinking of constructing a low-budget eco-friendly home, there are many things you need to consider. Here are the top 5.

It’s about the land
First and foremost, invest in a piece of land that allows for easy vehicular access. Ensure that the terrain is not very uneven. The cost of construction will be considerably higher if you have to level the land or build on a slope. To maximize heating and cooling benefits, look out for the orientation of your property. Ensure that you design your home in such a way that you can account for proper sunlight and ventilation.

Reuse, Recycle, Renew
The cost of materials accounts for a huge bulk of the construction costs. Low-cost options can generate serious savings. It is here that you also consider reusing and recycling used construction materials. The wood and tiles from old buildings can be reused in a new home and this helps reduce the cost significantly. Even if it is slightly expensive, go in for renewable energy sources like a solar power unit and biogas units when you draw up the design for the house itself.

Keep it simple
Your home should be comfortable as well as practical. From the basic design of the house to avoiding fancy layouts, everything helps in reducing the costs. Plan the home by keeping functionality as the yardstick.

Pay for perfection
Pick up energy-efficient windows and fixtures. Ensure that the appliances you pick up are of good quality and adheres to the norms. This one-time investment will ensure that you do not have to keep changing it often. Go in for a good insulation system and ensure the homes are well ventilated and receive ample sunlight throughout the year.

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