In Kerala, a building permit is required before construction may begin. The procedures for acquiring permission have been simplified and made more user-friendly.

In exercise of the powers granted by sections 381, 382, 387, 398, and 406 of the Kerala Municipality Act, 1994, read with sections 565, and in supersession of the Kerala Building Rules 1984, the main steps to be followed in order to obtain legal acceptance to build a residential building are:

  • Obtain a Building Permit Application.

The building permit, which allows for the start of new construction in Kerala. The Building Permit application is made by submitting the Elevation, Floor Plan, and Section drawings to the local self-governing body along with the Land Tax Receipt, Copy of the Original Deed, and Sanction Drawing to the Municipality/Building Corporation’s Department.

Rules for residential building

A file containing these papers should be sent to the local self-governing authority. For verification, you need to supply the original papers. Your application will subsequently be assigned a file number by the local self-governing body office.

  • Building inspector verification

The building inspector [BI] examines the plot where the building will be constructed. After inspecting the accuracy of the data in your application and making sure it fulfills KMBR guidelines, the building permit is then approved by the Building Inspector

  • Approval of the Application from the Local Self-Governing Body.

The formal approval to build a house in Kerala is the issuance of a building permit. At this point, you can also begin preparing the property for construction. It entails leveling the land, providing temporary water and power connections for construction purposes, and so on.

  • Obtain a Completion Certificate.

If the project is eligible, the respective Municipality/Corporation inspects it and grants the Completion Certificate. The Completion Certificate validates that the structure was constructed in accordance with the authorized plan, building permit, and other regulatory standards.

  • Tax Payment.

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Statutory tax payments, which include the one-time building tax to the Village office, the building tax, the luxury tax (for houses larger than 3000 sqft), and other statutory deposits to respective local bodies such as Panchayat, Village offices, municipalities, and corporations, apply to all residences built in Kerala. Pay the required statutory tax payments at the Municipality/Corporation.

  • Obtain the Building Number and Utility Connections.

The Construction number is obtained after submitting the approved plan, building permit, and a completion certificate for the new house. The following stage is to get utility connections, which include electricity and water connections, by completing the request form together with all other required documentation, a qualified electrician/plumber can obtain this for you.

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