A commercial building is a real estate property intended to generate a profit, either from capital gains or rental income.

The Kerala Municipality Building Rules (KMBR) states that,
A commercial building shall include any building or part of a building that is used for the display and sale of merchandise such as shops, stores, markets, either wholesale or retail. Banking and financial institutions, public and private business houses.

The professional establishment of doctors, dentists, engineers, architects, lawyers, pathological laboratories, tailor shops, video shops, barbershops, beauty parlors, newsstands, milk booths, restaurants, and non-nuisance types of a small establishment like armature winding shops using power motor or machine of capacity not exceeding 3 horsepower are also included in this group.

• Coverage and floor area ratio
It is the ratio between the total built-up area and the plot area available. It principally describes the ratio of the total covered area of construction to the total plot size. The maximum percentage of coverage permissible for each occupancy shall limit the maximum area on any floor of the building. The floor area ratio value shall limit the maximum buildable total floor area. Floor area ratio ie, F.A.R. shall be calculated as shown below:
F.A.R= Total floor area on the floors/Plot area

• Height of buildings
The maximum height of the building or part thereof shall not exceed twice the width of the street abutting the plot plus twice the width of the yard from the building to the abutting street and this height may further be increased proportionately at the rate of 3 meters for every 50 cms.

• Access
The minimum clear width of access to a building, and plots, as well as the width of the street giving access to the plot from the main street, if the total built-up area of the commercial building in sq.m is up to 200 then minimum access width, is 1.5 meters. If it more than 200sq.m and under 1500sq.m then 3.6 meters is required.

• Parking, loading, and unloading spaces
Commercial buildings exceeding 75 sq. meter carpet area should provide 100 sq meters of carpet area for parking. In addition to the parking space for loading and unloading spaces each 30 sq. meters shall be provided within the plot, at the rate of one such space for each 1000 sq. meters of floor area or fraction thereof, exceeding the first 700 sq. meters of floor area.
Each street parking space provided for parking motor cars shall be not less than 15 sq. meters. area (5.5 meters. x 2.7 meters) and for scooters and cycles the area of each parking space provided shall be not less than 3 sq. meters and 1.5 sq. meters. respectively.

Kerala Real Estate Regulatory Authority
K-RERA has been constituted as per the parent Act, which makes it compulsory to establish a Real Estate Regulatory Authority in each state and the Union territory of the country. The law mandates every real estate project (where the total area to be developed exceeds 500 sq. meters or with more than eight apartments in any one phase) to get registered with the respective state’s RERA.
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